Expert Consulting and Testimony

Chepenik Trushin LLP offers expert witness consultations and expert testimony in attorney fees, legal malpractice, and insurance-related matters in Miami and surrounding areas.  Expert witnesses are often an essential and critical part of a successful lawsuit.  Experts are relied upon for their factual knowledge that is not within the general purview of a non-expert, and can assist juries, clients, and other attorneys in understanding important aspects of the issues of their case.

Attorney’s Fees

Bradley Trushin, Senior Managing Partner and founding member of Chepenik Trushin LLP, offers expert consulting and testimony in all matters regarding attorney’s fees.  Florida follows the American rule for attorney’s fees, which means that each party pays his, her, or its own attorney, regardless of who prevailed in the lawsuit.  An experienced attorney should make sure payment for attorney’s fees is provided for by contract or statute with the onset of litigation.  However, after a lawsuit terminates parties will often continue to dispute entitlement to attorney’s fees, or the amount of reasonable attorney’s fees.  When this happens, it is necessary to consult with an expert on the issue who will take the time to go through all of the necessary material and give sound advice or testimony to the court.  Mr. Trushin will go through a multi-step process before giving testimony or advising you on your attorney’s fees dispute.  He will commence a thorough review of the docket, files, principal pleadings and motions, and bills of parties to the litigation.  After these items are carefully scrutinized, suspect billing entries will be pulled and reviewed thoroughly before advice or testimony is given.  Mr. Trushin has written numerous reports for the federal courts as an attorney’s fees expert, and while reports are not required by state courts, Mr. Trushin will often draft one because it is imperative that the court view and understand the methodology that contributed to the expert’s opinion.  Mr. Trushin will undertake a formal analysis based on Florida law, using the criteria that the court will find most significant.

Legal Malpractice & Insurance Matters

Chepenik Trushin LLP is available for expert testimony and consulting in the areas of legal malpractice and insurance-related matters.  As a professional liability and insurance defense litigator, Mr. Trushin has immense experience in these areas of the law.  As an expert, Mr. Trushin brings his vast knowledge and objective methodology to provide proficient insight and testimony as to practices and procedures that other attorneys, clients, or jurors may not know first-hand.  Legal malpractice claims often involve rules of regulatory bodies and multiple stages of disciplinary actions that are not of common knowledge to many practicing attorneys or their clients.   Furthermore, insurance litigation involves complex liability schemes, policy considerations, and an array of interests that require extensive knowledge and experience to fully understand.  In both legal malpractice and insurance litigation, an expert is essential to educate involved parties and juries on the subject at hand, so that informed and prudent decisions can be made during trial or when attempting to further settlement negotiations.

Mr. Trushin has served as special counsel in all of these matters, and has given expert testimony in depositions, arbitrations, and state and federal court.  If you are in the Miami area and these issues arise, do not hesitate to call Chepenik Trushin LLP at (305) 981-8889 for a consultation, or contact us online

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