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Most people think of guardianships as the appointment of an adult acting on behalf of a minor child when that child’s parents are unable, unwilling, or incapable of handling parental responsibilities. However, Florida guardianship law is much broader than that, and also applies to the appointment of guardians for incapacitated adults. Although there are several types of guardianships, a guardianship is most often established for either a minor who requires a guardian of the minor’s property (typically either as the result of a recovery in a lawsuit or an inheritance), or for an incapacitated person who lacks the capacity to manage some or all of his or her own affairs. Although involuntary guardianships are more common, Florida law does allow voluntary guardianships when an adult, although mentally competent, cannot adequately manage his or her own affairs and petitions the court for the appointment of a guardian.

Adjudicating a person incapacitated and in need of a guardian may deprive that person of many rights they would otherwise be able to exercise. The courts and the Florida legislature are cognizant that such deprivation may be excessive or unnecessary, and consequently, strive to make the least restrictive form of guardianship available, or otherwise determine that less restrictive alternatives to a guardianship exist. A guardian may not be appointed if the court determines there is an alternative to guardianship that will sufficiently address the concerns regarding the alleged incapacitated person.

If you believe a child or an incapacitated adult is in need of a guardianship, Chepenik Trushin LLP is here to help guide you through the process.

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Just want to start off by saying the team assembled at CHEPENIK/TRUSHIN is by far amazing. Their dedication and the amount of time they put into working on my file is by far the best service I have ever received. And the cherry on top is their ability to communicate with me and their entire team is seamless. Peter C is also a wealth of knowledge that can guide you in the right direction and place you in the competence of BART and BRAD. This is a firm I highly recommend. Ali M, business owner, Miami, FL 2018
The team at Chepenik Trushin LLP are experienced, professional and dedicated in handling all Probate, Guardianship and Estate legal matters. I have referred them numerous clients over the years; all of which have been truly appreciative of their firm's excellence in representation. Jesse S., Esq.
I highly recommend this law firm for your estate planning and probate litigation needs. Passionate and dedicate attorneys who are committed to going above and beyond to help their clients. Tiffany C Gonzalez, CPA
He (Honorable Magistrate Judge Kimler, Miami Dade Probate and Guardianship court) taught me well. After my experience with my client and your law firm as my legal counsel, the standing joke at Dade County courthouse is that I know the Marchman Act almost as well as the judge who wrote it. Ms. Bambi Williams, GCM
So very impressed with Bradley Trushin, Partner at Chepenik Trushin LLP. I had the privilege of attending his presentation on Probate, Guardianship & Elder Abuse. Brad presented today to 45 trust bankers and probate realtors. Brad is a top notch Litigator with a keen attention to detail. Maji Ramos, RE Broker
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