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Chepenik Trushin LLP encourages charitable giving for those clients that are charitably inclined. Charitable planned giving is a method of making a major gift to charity during lifetime or at death. This type of planning is usually done in conjunction with proper estate planning. Traditionally, this method of planning is used to assist in reducing estate taxes for high-net-worth individuals. However, this type of planning is also utilized for people that want to leave some assets behind for causes that they truly believe are worthwhile. The process involves the discussion and analysis of the assets you own, the manner in which you own those assets, the debts you may have incurred, your financial needs in the near, mid, and long terms, your financial goals, and your family situation. Once we thoroughly analyze and evaluate your unique situation, we will then discuss your goals and formulate a plan to meet those goals.

Chepenik Trushin LLP helps to serve clients in Miami that would like to utilize estate planning methods to provide to charities. Charitable planned giving must take into consideration numerous possibilities including minimization of taxes upon death, aggressive creditors, greedy relatives, ensuring that your spouse and partner is properly cared for if you die, and a multitude of variables, many of which you may not have contemplated before. We will assist you in determining the best course of action for both expected and unexpected factors that may arise.

Here at Chepenik Trushin LLP we have a plethora of tools that we employ to help achieve your goals, some of which may be familiar to some people including Charitable Remainder Trusts, Private Foundations and Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust. Other tools we use, which most people may not be familiar with include Charitable Remainder Unitrusts, Charitable Lead Annuity Trusts, Donor Advised Funds and Net Income with Makeup Charitable Remainder Unitrusts, just to name a few. Our job is to use these tools and effectively communicate to you how the use of these tools can help you achieve your Charitable Planned Giving goals.

Depending on your individual facts and circumstances, charitable planned giving could even be utilized to minimize income taxes, particularly with assets that are highly appreciated. Certain strategies can be employed utilizing our business, estate planning, and tax backgrounds that enable individuals to reduce heavy tax burdens.

The firm of Chepenik Trushin LLP employs a unique blend of experience in the areas of estate planning, gift planning, corporate/business law, and taxation. Insofar as most people’s personal and financial lives change over time, your relationship with your charitable planned giving lawyer is a long-term relationship that must be built on a foundation of trust—a relationship not unlike your relationship with your accountant or financial advisor. We cherish those relationships and understand that a foundation of trust must be earned. Here at Chepenik Trushin LLP we service clients in Miami, Aventura and Fort Lauderdale where we have shaped our practice around a client-centered approach that strives to satisfy the needs and goals of every client that walks through our doors. We understand and respect your wishes, and will advise you how to achieve your goals the best way possible.

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Client Reviews
Just want to start off by saying the team assembled at CHEPENIK/TRUSHIN is by far amazing. Their dedication and the amount of time they put into working on my file is by far the best service I have ever received. And the cherry on top is their ability to communicate with me and their entire team is seamless. Peter C is also a wealth of knowledge that can guide you in the right direction and place you in the competence of BART and BRAD. This is a firm I highly recommend. Ali M, business owner, Miami, FL 2018
The team at Chepenik Trushin LLP are experienced, professional and dedicated in handling all Probate, Guardianship and Estate legal matters. I have referred them numerous clients over the years; all of which have been truly appreciative of their firm's excellence in representation. Jesse S., Esq.
I highly recommend this law firm for your estate planning and probate litigation needs. Passionate and dedicate attorneys who are committed to going above and beyond to help their clients. Tiffany C Gonzalez, CPA
He (Honorable Magistrate Judge Kimler, Miami Dade Probate and Guardianship court) taught me well. After my experience with my client and your law firm as my legal counsel, the standing joke at Dade County courthouse is that I know the Marchman Act almost as well as the judge who wrote it. Ms. Bambi Williams, GCM
So very impressed with Bradley Trushin, Partner at Chepenik Trushin LLP. I had the privilege of attending his presentation on Probate, Guardianship & Elder Abuse. Brad presented today to 45 trust bankers and probate realtors. Brad is a top notch Litigator with a keen attention to detail. Maji Ramos, RE Broker
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